Dress Code

Dance Dress Code: Black Tie / Formal / Prom Theme (modest)

The Dress Code is Black Tie, which means very formal. This is a very special occasion so plan what you will wear well. Follow the guidelines below. Be modest and always consider your brothers and sisters in Christ. They will have to be looking at you all evening. If your dress is too revealing, girls, this will make others uncomfortable. Please help us by complying with the spirit of the guidelines set here.


We will have a Dress Code Team at the entrance to make sure these guidelines are followed. Be ready to accept their help if your attire is not acceptable and can be made acceptable with a couple of modifications, or be ready to go back home and change into another dress that follows our guidelines. Your entrance is contingent upon the dress code team approval.

  1. Wear comfortable clothing that will still feel comfortable when you are dancing the swing and doing fancy moves.
  2. Gown length: Long gowns and tea length preferred but not required. If you wear a short dress, it must be near the top of the knee. Dresses 3 inches above the knee or higher are not allowed.
  3. Minimal or no cleavage showing.
  4. 3-finger wide shoulder straps on dresses are acceptable.
  5. Spaghetti straps and strapless dresses are acceptable, but you must wear a formal small jacket or sweater over your dress.
  6. Shoes: Wear sandals or formal shoes. No cowboy boots.
  7. No pants.
  8. No low-cut dresses.
  9. Slits above the knee-not allowed.
  10. No underwear showing.
  11. No midriffs showing. Midriff is the region of the front of the body between your belly and waist.


  1. Formal shoes. No tennis shoes or cowboy boots allowed.
  2. Tuxedos preferred. Suits allowed. No sports jackets.
  3. Must wear collared, button down shirts.
  4. Bow tie or other formal neckties preferred. Regular neckties allowed.
  5. Not allowed: T-shirts, military outfits, jeans, Dockers or khaki slacks.